Drop rods
fasten to a T-Bar.

Screwed into the
open concept ceiling.

Carrier hooks slide easily
along the track

The Hang 'N Slide track hangs from your ceiling using special drop rods that are securely fastened to your ceiling. This sets your track at the ultimate height for your sign and banner applications. Once in place, the system can accommodate all of your signage programs.

With each track comes our unique carrier hooks that slide easily along the track. The sliding carrier hooks allow you to accommodate signs of any size. They also allow you to change over your entire signage program in one fifth of the time compared to hooks and wires. Finally, they significantly reduce the risk of injury by allowing you to slide the sign to an open aisle rather than above an aisle. No more balancing on aisles to change signs.

Once your Hang 'N Slide system is in place, hanging signs becomes safe and easy. With only the signs in your hands (no hooks, clips, etc.), you can climb your ladder, slide the carrier hooks to your desired width and hang your sign.

It is so safe, simple and easy to hang signs that your signs will be the first thing to go up...not the last! Because the Hang 'N Slide is permanent, your signs will always hang at an even length. A consistent look can be achieved in every store.

No more delays, no more wasted material, no more headaches!

The Hang 'N Slide can attach to ANY ceiling type and height. This system can be supplied in a custom colour to match your ceiling, making it virtually invisible!