1. What are the minimum and maximum lengths I can order?
The Hang 'N Slide system can be ordered and installed in any length, from one foot to hundreds of feet. We generally ship your order in ten foot sections for ease of packing, handling and installation.

2. How much weight can the Hang 'N Slide hold?
Each 10 foot Hang 'N Slide section can comfortably hold up to 20 lbs. Have an application requiring support in excess of 20lbs? Give us a call.

3. What ceiling types does the Hang N' Slide require?
The Hang 'N Slide is designed to attach to ANY ceiling type. Open concept or drop ceiling/T-bar or any other type of ceiling.

4. How long will a Hang 'N Slide system last?
The Hang N' Slide system is built to last. Our systems have been in place and used actively in single, high traffic locations for over eight years - without one request for maintenance or breakage.

5. Where can I order a Hang 'N Slide system?
The Hang 'N Slide system is a patented product that is currently only available from us or from one of our distributor partners. We welcome you to contact us directly for more information.

6. How much does a system cost?
The cost of a system will vary depending on the quantity ordered and your specific configuration. Considering all the advantages of the Hang 'N Slide system, the safety factors, the time, dollars and headaches saved we believe that our system will provide you with one of your highest return on investments - ever!

The Hang 'N Slide system is a one time cost only and provides benefits for years and years. Let's put it this way, our number one response to our pricing is "at those prices it was a no brainer". Interested in a quote on a Hang 'N Slide system? Fill out our quote request and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

7. Can the Hang 'N Slide be painted to match my ceiling?
Yes. Most of our customers have us colour match the Hang 'N Slide to match their ceiling color. That way the Hang 'N Slide becomes virtually invisible in store.

8. Can the Hang 'N Slide help eliminate risk of employee accidents?
The Hang 'N Slide can help retailers eliminate employee liability risks associated with changing signage over gondolas, store fixtures and product displays. By sliding the signs over to an open area, employees no longer need to balance on or navigate difficult obstacles.

9. Can the Hang N' Slide increase employee productivity?
Yes. By accelerating the average sign change over from 5-7 minutes, on average, to 1-2 minutes the Hang 'N Slide system can reduce your annual man-hour cost of changing in-store signage by over 75%.

10. Can the Hang N' Slide accommodate multiple signs of different sizes?
Yes. Because of the unique carrier hooks, the Hang N' Slide can accommodate multiple signs of different sizes.

11. What components do I get when I order a system?
Each Hang 'N Slide system comes complete with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. This includes the track, the end caps, the joining clips (for longer track), the drop rods, the ceiling brackets, screws and the special carrier hooks.

12. I am a distributor, can I re-sell the Hang 'N Slide to my customers?
If you are a distributor interested in reselling the patented Hang 'N Slide System please contact us directly to see if you qualify to carry the Hang 'N Slide.

10. How do I know if the Hang 'N Slide is right for me?
Give us a call and we would be happy to ask you some key questions to see if the Hang 'N Slide is right for you.

11. What are some other applications for the Hang 'N Slide?
The applications are only limited by your imagination. Be sure to check out the gallery section of our website to see just a few creative uses. Have a special challenge or request? Contact us to see if we can customize a configuration to your needs.